Our company, Alpha-Vet Ltd., is a pioneer in the research and development of humic acid-based products and their practical application.

Our feed supplements used in Hungarian agriculture, including the field of animal husbandry, are the result of many years of research and technological development.

Our products have been tested and used in almost all species of farm animals, and in all large-scale animal husbandry technologies.

Based on the consistent experience of our users, we can say that our products improve the production’s efficiency in all cases.

The unquestionable economic advantages of VITAPOL were recognized at the Livestock Award at the National Agricultural and Food Industry Exhibition (OMÉK).

The mineral feeds belonging to the VITAPOL® product family contain only natural ingredients, trace elements and minerals.
All members of the product family contain minerals and trace elements in the form of organic humic acid-complexes, which are easily absorbed into the digestive system of animals.

They improve the digestibility, and hence the utilization of animal feeds. Thanks to their unique composition, they have a beneficial effect on the living organism, strengthen the immune system, reduce medicinal expenditure, and help to make animal husbandry more profitable.

The award was presented by Dr. László Kövér, Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Sándor Fazekas, Minister of Agriculture, and Mihály Varga, Minister of National Economy. The award was accepted by Dr. Attila Móré, owner of Alpha-Vet , József Málits, managing director and Andor Mozsár, marketing director.

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