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Vitapol: the solution against aflatoxin. Prevent the toxin contamination of milk!

In Hungary, feed contamination commonly occurs due to F2 and ZEA produced by Fusarium spp., T2 and DON toxins that can be considered trichothecenes, and aflatoxin and ochratoxin-A produced by Aspergillus spp. and Penicillium species.

Up until now, the aflatoxin produced by Aspergillus flavus was more widespread in the Mediterranean countries, however, climate change (warm, dry summers, rainy falls) shifted the endangered region to now include our country.

Cattle can break down some of the toxins by rumen bacteria and are therefore less sensitive, but toxins in higher concentrations can still cause severe reproductive and metabolic disorders. In large cows, rumen passage is faster due to high feed intake, consequently reducing the rate of toxin degradation in the rumen.

Aflatoxin is unique compared to its counterparts because it absorbs through the mucous membranes of the digestive system, enters the bloodstream, and in addition to damaging the liver (aflatoxin B1), and it also reaches the udder and the milk. It can be detected in milk, cheeses, and other dairy products (aflatoxin M1). When supplying a feed containing aflatoxin B1, aflatoxin M1 appears in milk after only 4 hours!

Aflatoxin accumulates in the human body as well, and contributes to the formation of tumors (cancer)!

Aflatoxin maximum safe doses:
TMR Aflatoxin B1 limit: 5 µg/kg
Milk Aflatoxin M1 limit: 0.05 µg/kg
2-6% of Aflatoxin B1 appears in milk as M1

✓ Binds aflatoxin in a 65-70% rate
✓ Protects feed proteins in the rumen
✓ Immune-boosting effect
✓ Antiviral effect.
✓ Detoxifying effect
✓ Reduces the risk of rumen acidosis
✓ Helps to absorb minerals more efficiently (in an organic form)
✓ Proven for 15 years – based on applied experience.

Based on the tests performed in the Accredited Feed Testing Laboratory of Bábolna, administering VITAPOL in a 100 g/ cow/day dose inactivates at least 60-70% of the Aflatoxin content of the feed. This effect can be further improved to some extent by increasing the dose.

After halting the toxin-containing feed, applying VITAPOL eliminates Aflatoxin M1 from the body in 4 days to an extent that it is no longer detectable in milk.

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