Large-scale feeding trial While-service-agro agricultural company Suhoy Jelanyec f.,Novoodesky district, Nikolaevskaya county

The feeding test was performed on three groups of piglets. The groups were housed in separate farrowing buildings on the pig farm. In each air-conditioned building, the piglets were housed in 14 farrowing pens, with 10-12 each (litters). Groups were selected at 7-day time intervals (according to the general rotation of the pig farm).

The experiment began on July 25, 2016.

Groups 1 and 3 were the control group, the piglets received LBN pre-starter pig feed. Group 2 is the treated group that received VITAPOL Suspension with pre-starter pig feed at a dose of 100 g / litter / day until weaning (from day 5 to day 28). After weaning, from day 28 to day 77, piglets received VITAPOL Pulvis in pig feed at a rate of 1%.

Pig breed: 40% F1 (NF L); 60% F2 (P F1)


  • Results of the use of VITAPOL suspension and pulvis
  • Test indicator
  • Number of pigs
  • Pigs’ weight at birth in kg/pig
  • Pigs’ weight at weaning in kg
  • Weight gain before weaning in kg
  • Pigs’ weight on the 77th day
  • Pigs’ weight gain between day 28 – 77
  • Fodder consumed by pigs in kg
  • Extra fat weight gain on pigs in kg
  • Sales of feed kg/kg


  • The pigs’ weight when weaning (day 28)
  • The pigs’ weight on day 77

Conclusions to be drawn from the results of the feeding test: In our case, VITAPOL suspension and VITAPOL pulvis resulted in higher feed intake, which ultimately led to greater weight gain. The weight gain of the experimental group increased in the pig post-rearing phase. The available data show that VITAPOL pulvis and suspension, when used as a feed supplement for piglets, is positive in the farrowing and post-rearing phases affected the weight gain of the experimental group compared to the control group. Feed sales for the experimental group also improved.

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