According to data from literature, at least 40% of the total dairy cow population is infected with some form of mastitis.

Subclinical mastitis accounts for 90-95% of all cow infections. There is a positive correlation between milk yield and SCC. Each 1000 kg increase in milk volume represents a 4.5% increase in SCC. SCC is highest in the first months of lactation, and then gradually decreases. It usually increases again starting from the 6th month. In prolonged lactations, it increases again in the last month.

In addition to the usual udder hygiene procedures, how can we prevent damage from mastitis?

By using feed supplements that support the immune system. One such feed supplement is the VITAPOL ANTIMAST pulvis. The VITAPOL ANTIMAST pulvis is a humic acid-based mineral feed containing microelements (copper, zinc, manganese, selenium) in biologically protected bounds. It contains the microelements in the form of a humic acid-complex. Humic acids and biologically protected microelements have a synergistic effect on udder health.

How does this work in practice?

At the end of 2012, the Alcsiszigeti Mezőgazdasági Ltd observed an extremely high increase in SCC among their 1,500 dairy cows. From one The somatic cell count in the raw milk increased from 310-312,000 from one completion to another 700,000. According to the case report of Zoltán Pető, the head of the sector, in addition to the “usual” pathogens, the problems were exacerbated by the Prototheca infection, which meant the immediate culling of more than 200 animals. In addition to the tightening of udder hygiene protocols, the use of VITAPOL ANTIMAST pulvis in the daily ration of cows was started at the same time as the settlement conditions were settled. Thanks to technological discipline, rethinking of hygienic work processes and immunological support using VITAPOL ANTIMAST pulvis, the critical situation was resolved within a good six months,

High-quality humic acid feed supplements have since been part of the farm’s preventive feeding program. Experience has shown that the VITAPOL pulvis feed supplement is used at a dose of 100 g / cow per day in the recipient and large-milk groups, and at a dose of 50 g / cow per day in the small-milk groups as a guarantee of maintaining excellent health. Problem groups, if any, will receive VITAPOL ANTIMAST feed supplement until their udder health problems are resolved. This affects a smaller number of groups, as the proportion of udder patients has decreased from the usual 8-10% to 2-3% on an annual basis due to the use of VITAPOL pulvis during full lactation.

Quoting the words of Zoltán Pető:

Against a high somatic cell count, a separator is not the answer! Separator is a symptomatic treatment, however, the real problem is solved by VITAPOL ANTIMAST pulvis.

VITAPOL ANTIMAST feed supplement can be used to effectively prevent physiologically occurring subclinical mastitis in the first months of lactation, thus effectively managing both “problematic” host and large-scale groups from the point of view of udder health.

At Milkmen Kft. November 2014-2015. The documented large-scale trial feeding of VITAPOL ANTIMAST pulvis took place in March. The farm produces an average of 800 cows, 652 of which were milked during the large-scale feeding trial period. In December 2014 (during the large-scale feeding trial period), the farm was ranked 15th in the national ranking of large dairy farms.

VITAPOL ANTIMAST pulvis was used as a feed supplement for large-scale groups during the large-scale feeding trial. As there are always 2 large-scale groups on the farm at the same time, the effect of VITAPOL ANTIMAST on pulvis SCC was investigated in a repeat of 5 cows. The average milking and somatic cell count of the cows were compared on the basis of the data of the monthly milkings performed by the Animal Performance Testing Ltd. Individuals in the treated large tea group received VITAPOL ANTIMAST pulse applied to the NMR at a dose of 100 g / cow / day.

Results in the control group to view a table
Results in the treated group to view a table
Differences between production rates of treated and control large-scale groups at 5 replicates

In summary, VITAPOL ANTIMAST pulvis at a dose of 100 g / cow / day as a feed supplement for large groups resulted in a + 5% increase in milk yield with a 30% reduction in somatic cell count.

Based on our experience, we recommend VITAPOL ANTIMAST pulvis at a dose of 100 g / day / cow to supplement the feed of large tea groups.

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