Vitality with the power of nature

For epithelial regeneration and joint disease

In case of joint diseases:

  • Stimulates the regeneration of articular cartilage and connective tissue and relieves pain.
  • Chronic joint pain occurs in one-fifth of dogs.
  • It can cause prolonged inflammation such as hip dysplasia, rupture of joint ligaments, kneecap sprain, or other joint traumas.
  • These inflammations can also progress into joint degeneration. But, as you age (older than 5-6 years), the bones, cartilage, and ligaments that make up the joints naturally degenerate. Large or obese dogs are particularly at risk in this regard.
  • BiogenicPET Vitality is suitable for supplementing the treatment of dogs with chronic joint pain, or for use alone to regenerate articular cartilage and connective tissue, thereby reducing pain.

For skin and hair problems:

  • Accelerates hair growth and the healing of inflammatory processes in the epithelium. It also makes hair shiny and lush.
  • Epithelial tissue regeneration is a time-consuming process. Damage to the skin or mucous membranes in a healthy animal is 7-10 days. And in an aging organism, the free radicals released increasingly damage the components of the cells, thus slowing down the functioning of the repair mechanisms.
  • This can be exacerbated by inflammatory or allergic skin diseases in which itchy skin causes serious discomfort to the animal and the damaged epithelium can become a source of further infections. The drawn-out healing process and hair loss are associated with many inconveniences.
  • BiogenicPET Vitality can be used on animals of any age to treat skin damage, dermatitis, hair loss, hair growth disorders, or as an adjunct to treatment to aid skin regeneration.

TO SLOW AGING: Suitable for protecting the cells of elderly, aging dogs to reduce oxidative stress.

TO REDUCE ANTI-INFLAMMATORY STRESS: By administering BiogenicPET Vitality, the side effects of steroidal or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs used in the treatment of dogs can be reduced or prevented.

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