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VitaHorse mineral feed contains exclusively natural ingredients, natural acids, minerals and trace elements. It contains minerals and trace elements in the form of organic humic acid complexes. These are easily absorbed in the digestive system of animals, and therefore promote the digestibility of feeds as well as improving the use of feeds.

Humic acids and fulvic acids are organic complexing molecules with exceptional physiological effects during peat formation that help to absorb microelements. They help the cells ability in energy production and defense and play an important role in detoxification. The “quadruple effect” of humic acids: effective uptake, biological effect, detoxification, and natural substance – they surpass traditional complexing agents.


The general health of mares also has an impact on the quantity and quality of the milk it produces, and consequently on the rearing of foals. In the case of stallions, health is also important during high physical activity coverage, so it is in the economic interest to maintain a high level of immune health and overall organizational strength. By using our products as a preventive measure, all this can be achieved with fewer antibiotics and drugs.

the health of the foals that will be born improves

• calving conditions such rarely abortion, fetal membrane restraint, and calving paralysis can be improved

• Stimulates uterine involution, has a positive effect on the estrus cycle, improves fertility, and promotes fetal adhesion

• Milk yield is expected to increase by 10-15%,

• Improves stallion sperm production – good quality sperm is produced until the end of the coverage period

• Continuous feeding improves the disease resistance capability of mares and stallions

• Stronger hoof structure and brighter hair

• Helps with the complexing effect of humic acid in products

• Detoxifies, binds, and excretes toxins in feed; significantly reduces drug use.


Health status is also particularly important for stallions and mares, as the strength of the immune system and their physical development determine their resistance to disease in later life, the intensity of their development, and their competitive and breeding performance. In addition to improving vitality, the use of our products provides a solution to the following problems:

• Respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases caused by certain viruses and bacteria can be prevented and reduced. For example, with loss of appetite or diarrhea.

• Greater weight gain as a result of a stronger immune system and more efficient nutrient uptake

• Improves faecal consistency

• Medication use is kept to a minimum.

• Improves the viability of foals, causing them to be livelier. The intake of nutrients will be more intense, and therefore the hair will be brighter, and the bones will be firmer.


In racing horses in training, owners and fitters often report loss of appetite, deterioration, and associated performance loss when changing feeds. After several inquiries and rehearsals from equestrian circles, we strongly recommend feeding Vitahorse suspension or pulvis to solve these problems. A common problem in horses is their sensitivity to certain amino acids in alfalfa hay protein, which can cause allergic symptoms. In some cases, large nodules and blisters appear on the entire body surface. Our recommendation in this case is to replace the alfalfa with meadow hay and to start mixing Vitahorse Suspension into feed or water at a dose of 0.5 l / day per individual. The symptoms will disappear in 3-4 days. After day 4, we recommend further watering / feeding of the Vitahorse suspension at 2 dl / day or feeding the Vitahorse pulvis at a dose of 100 g / day to prevent subsequent illnesses. Often, the fungi and toxins on the litter straw also produce such symptoms and disease. In this case, we also recommend the use of the product.

• Increased vitality

• Outstanding competitive performance, increased hemoglobin synthesis, improved respiratory efficiency

• Balanced, stable nervous system

• Greater organizational strength

• Stronger hoof: reduced number of hoof disorders due to feeding and micronutrient deficiency

• Brighter hair, reduced vulnerability

• Significant reduction in drug use

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