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The Bábolna Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Plant of Phylaxia Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. founded in 1912

The manufactury fitted it up with cutting-edge, ‘high-tech’ manufacturing equipment. Improvement of the manufacturing conditions made it possible to continue product development and to further improve the quality of the existing product portfolio. The plant has EU GMP certification, and is now manufacturing veterinary medicinal products for 18 member states of the European Union and further 7 European countries outside the EU.

The veterinary pharmaceuticals portfolio of Alpha-Vet is made up by products for which there is the greatest demand: in addition to antibiotics and anthelmintics for farm animals, the company manufactures own-developed original products unique in the world for treating skin infections and otitis externa in dogs. By reconstruction, the plant was made suitable for manufacturing premixes, powder mixtures, pelleted products, oral suspensions/solutions and tablets. The manufacturing capacity of the plant for all types of products is multiple times higher than the Hungarian demand, which ensures the secure supply of products for the export markets and a substantial free capacity for contract manufacturing activity.

Parallel to the development of our manufacturing activity, our research directorate is continuously upgrading our own-developed products portfolio in co-operation with numerous high-ranking European research institutes and universities as partners.

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