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Agriculture, and especially animal husbandry, have always been regarded as a crucial aspect of the national economy throughout the history of Hungary, however, high quality livestock breeding cannot exist without a background of adequate animal health care. Today’s Alpha Holding can be righteously considered to be the intellectual heir to the Phylaxia Rt. vaccine producer, founded by Dr. Köves János in 1912, on account of having incorporated its production facilities in Bábolna, as well as the patents and production rights of several of Phylaxia’s products alongside with their library.


AlphaVet Kft., a part of the Alpha Holding group, a Hungarian family-owned business is the leading producer and distributor of veterinary medicine and animal feed of the domestic market. Our story goes back all the way to 1972, the founding of the University of Veterinary Medicine’s training hospital in Székesfehérvár, our direct legal predecessor.

Soon after the company’s start up in1989 Dr. Attila Móré, owner of AlphaVet kft., recognized that he would be able to supply his colleagues with the procurement of veterinary medicine, and thus expanded the profile of his company to pharmaceuticals sales and distribution. Further expansions included our Pet branch and in-house medicine production.

Continuous innovation and development ensures that the needs of our customers are met with the highest quality of products and a wide ranging product portfolio. For this, licensed doctors and specialized colleagues provide the expertise: AlphaVet employs more than five hundred people, of which more than a hundred-and-twenty are college educated (veterinarians, agricultural engineers, economists, chemical engineers). We constantly conduct research and innovation to improve and upgrade our brand products, and to implement customer-focused improvements in our services. These activities cover the development and licensing of veterinary medicinevitamin, and animal feed supplements.

AlphaVet is more than just a simple pharmaceutical distributor. Our highly qualified colleagues provide excellent consultant services to our customers, to guarantee that we deliver the best medicinal products and feed-supplements, and to ensure the health and safety of the animals they care after. Our professional management platforms, such as Doki for Vets Connect are implemented for the convenience of our customers. Our Animal Welfare division conducts assessments of animal well-being, as well as offering specialized consulting.


Our customers have access to all available and licensed veterinary medicine and feed-supplements on the Hungarian market, even products licensed exclusively for human use. Our nearly 500 exclusively distributed brand products serve as the foundation of our portfolio of more than 5000 products.

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