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Uppetapol – fragrance and flavor-enhancing additive, with 5-8-fold returns!

The largest expenditure in cattle farming is the feed, but at the same time, adequate milk and meat production depend not only on genetics but also on the proper supply of nutrients.

We can feed our animals with an extremely wide variety of products, but from a technological and mechanization perspective, we use relatively few types of feed at the same time, but for a longer time (silage, haylage, hay, fodder). If the quality of any of the ingredients is objectionable, our animals sooner or later grow tired of this mono-diet, and the amount of feed consumed will not reach the daily limit needed to increase high production.

With our new feed supplement, we aspire to resolve this issue. Our product is a feed additive of fragrance and flavor-enhancing qualities that masks unpleasant tastes and odors. This way, we can make our animals content to consume their rations. According to studies, flavoring the feed with additives increases the meat and milk production of cattle significantly. Its use is especially beneficial during periods when appetite is curbed due to physiological conditions or environmental factors, especially in the postpartum period, during summer heat stress, etc. Alpha-vet’s brand product, Uppetapol, is a supplement consisting of a mixture of patented flavorings and humic acids as specified in EU Regulation (EC) No 1334/2008.

Fragrance and flavor enhancers are known to be volatile and are therefore marketed in well-sealed packaging to ensure the year-long shelf life.
The dosage of the product is 10 dkg/animal/day for dairy cows and beef cattle. Administering this small amount homogenously mixed into the daily feed is very important. For this, blending in the mixer car gives adequate homogeneity based on our practical experience. While our animals enjoy flavored feed mixtures, if we forgo them, feed consumption will shrink due to the less appetizing taste. Keep this in mind when using it!

Returns: According to previous studies, using our product can generate expected returns of five to eight times. It intensifies milk production and weight gain.

Uppetapol’s beneficial effects apply even to feeds with fair sensory properties or minor defects. Its favorable outcomes on production can be observed reliably after just a few weeks.
Packaging: in a 25 kg aroma-sealing bag. Contact our feed representatives for more information!


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