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Bringing the freshly planted or restocked seedlings to fruit as quickly as possible, and minimizing mortality pose major challenges on fruit growers.

Farmers who can turn their orchards to fruit within 2-3 years gain a significant financial advantage. A most basic requirement for this is achieving a high rate of rooting success when planting and restocking. TERRUM, a microbiological product of Alpha-Vet Ltd. offers a solution to this.

In our climate, fall is the best time for planting fruit trees, and usually October is the most appropriate month for this work. In lucky years, mild fall temperatures provide ample time and opportunity to finish planting. Seedlings planted over the fall start developing their root system right away and during the winter as well.

Come springtime, when the circulation of fluids begins the tree is in almost uninterrupted growth. Another advantage is that in the case of fall planting, the roots can better utilize winter moisture. The time for fall planting is at the end of October and November when the seedlings have already lost their leaves, but there is not yet a risk of frost damage.

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