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Staying active through the years

Common experience is that senior dogs are-worn out during the winter months. They already move with more difficulty, and often suffer from musculoskeletal, rheumatic and arthritic lesions, which are aggravated in the winter. Walking in the cold weather causes the acral parts to chill down which leads to weaker blood supply – a pathogenic factor in itself in the development of joint diseases.

Making matters worse, dogs with reduced mobility – even though they want to – cannot frolic around to warm up by activating their muscles to make up for the increased heat loss in the cold weather.

Good news is that joint function can be directly improved by using BiogenicPet Vitality tablets. Thanks to its active ingredient containing several growth hormones, BiogenicPet Vitality tablets stimulate the regeneration of worn-out, inflamed joints, reduce pain, and improve the general liveliness of the animals, hence restoring their playfulness and mobility.

Dogs kept outdoors grow winter fur and increase their food intake to thicken the subcutaneous adipose tissue which serves as thermal insulation layer. In addition to high quality nutrition, owners can provide additional aid to grow a sufficiently thick coat of winter fur by giving their dog BiogenicPet Vitality tablets. (This product is identical to a product previously marketed as Biogenic Pet.) BiogenicPet Vitality tablets have been proven to stimulate hair growth in placebo-controlled clinical trials. According to a personal statement from one of the veterinarians participating in the study, the effects of BiogenicPet Vitality were so spectacular, that it was it was clear which dogs received BiogenicPet Vitality and which ones placebo in the very moment they walked into the clinic.

BiogenicPet Vitality: Increased vitality, thicker hair and improved joint function!

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