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Soy cultivation

Using GREENSHIELD®: • Increases crop resistance to disease • Increases yields • Boosts root development

• Improves crop regeneration
• Helps coping with herbicide-induced stress
• All components held in chelated bonds, readily accessible for uptake

GREENSHIELD can be applied simultaneously with insecticides and fungicides. A mixing test is recommended before co-application! Do not mix with bacterial products!
Spraying should be carried out in the evening hours, below 25 °C.
Precipitation within 2-3 hours of application may reduce absorption.
Not recommended for aerial application, due to low volume.

Technology recommendation:
Phenological phase / Dosage (l/ha)
After germination, in the 2-4-leaf stage: 2
Emergence of flower buds: 2
Peak blooming: 2

Zsolt Kovács-Csomor
“During the spring flood, 18 ha of Cardiff soybeans were submerged for 3 days. After the flood retreated, we treated the soil with GREENSHIELD as soon as we could get on the ground, at a dose of 2 l/ha. The crops have fully recovered from the stress, and we have achieved good results in terms of yield average.”

Tibor Horváth, Fűzvölgy Argicultural Ltd.
„Treating the soy with herbicides (Pulsar® 40 SL) resulted in phytotoxic symptoms in most plants. Afterwards, we applied GREENSHIELD, which fits well into our technology, and is easily mixable with other products. In my experience it helped the crops through this crisis effectively, which showed quantifiable results: we harvested a 10% higher yield from this table.”


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