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Sour cherry cultivation

GREENSHIELD is a special foliar fertilizer, whose complex form contains macro- and microelements, nutrients that are essential for the flowering and fruit setting of sour cherry, thus reducing the potential damage of plant pathogens.

• Increases crop resistance to disease
• Improves flowering and fruit setting
• Increases sugar content
• Higher, more reliable yields
• Reduces frost-damage
• Increases regeneration (pruning, storms, hail, shaking)
• Reduces the amount of synthetic chemicals, more economical production

GREENSHIELD can be applied simultaneously with insecticides and fungicides. A mixing test is recommended before co-application! Do not mix with bacterial products!
Spraying should be carried out in the evening hours, below 25 °C.
Precipitation within 2-3 hours of application may reduce absorption.
Not recommended for aerial application, due to low volume.

Sándor Juhász – agricultural consultant
“My partners have been using GREENSHIELD on large plantation of sour cherry, horseradish and grapevines for several years. By now it is a fundamental part of our technology.”

Tibor Kóder
“The most efficient way of producing safe, chemical-residue free fruits is to regularly apply GREENSHIELD in the vegetation.”

Péter Shöffer – VP, Hungarian Sour Cherry Farmers’ Association; vice-managing partner, Morello Kft:
“Even on our least favorable locations, on the areas under the highest stress, GREENSHIELD helped us grow larger fruits with better content values, compared to the control area. Less fruits were left on the trees after machine-picking, and the fruits remaining on the branches kept healthy for longer. GREENSHIELD significantly improved the condition of the heterogenic, weakened plantation.”

György Szabó, farmer, Mélykút
“GREENSHIELD significantly improved the production reliability, the condition of the 20 ha orchard improved greatly.”

Koch Gyümölcsös Bt. – Sopronkövesd
“We chose GREENSHIELD as a part of a reliable crop protection technology for its effective, weather-proof conditioning qualities.”

Béla Trsztyinkszi – farmer, Felsőcsábor
“I was amongst the first users. I achieved the balanced nutrition supplementation of my sour cherry orchard by the regular foliar application of GREENSHIELD.”

Technology recommendation:
Phenological phase / Dosage (l/ha)
Bud burst: 2
Fruit development: 2
Fruit colouring: 2
Ripening: 2

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