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Renewed products for the vitamin supplementation of our animals!

More and more frequently, we are confronted with conflicting views about vitamins, the importance of vitamin mixtures.

Some overestimate their value, while some neglect their use altogether (“there is enough in the feed materials or premixes”). The main reasoning behind the neglecting view is that to date, vitamins are practically “inventoried” in textbooks, where their chemical structures and effects, and deficiency symptoms are neatly listed.

In the last 15-20 years, new scientific discoveries effectively debunked this approach, which can now be considered outdated. It does not take into account changes that came to as results of animal and plant breeding progress in the past 20 years. Laying hens reach their peak production sooner and can maintain higher rates of production for a longer time, so the length of the fattening of a modern broiler chicken or turkey cannot even be compared to the fattening period ten years ago. The farm animals in production today could be considered Olympic champions!

In other words, instead of the conventional use of vitamin preparations as treatments, they must now be incorporated into the daily technology in modern poultry farming and breeding.

Poultry owners and breeders have long recognized this. The spread of modern hybrid breeds, the supplementation of Phylaxia vitamin preparations developed for intensive production, and their integration into technologies have gone hand in hand for decades.
The PHYLAXIA vitamins are now produced by Alpha-Vet, after investing hundreds of millions into technological advancements
Today, however, we are living in an age of copy-cat products and services. Products have appeared on the market that imitate the PHYLAXIA vitamin products in appearance and packaging, but their origin is dubious, and in almost all cases, their content value, manufacturing conditions, and actual effect on the animals are questionable.

In a way, there is no greater affirmation for a manufacturing company, than when its product is counterfeited because that means the product is so recognized in the market that it is “worth” copying. In most cases, these counterfeits are not cheaper than the original ones, they mean to deceive the producer, and they aim to make an unfair profit.

Remember, decades of manufacturer and consumer experience back up PHYLAXIA vitamin products, in addition to modernized manufacturing sites, and a wide range of professional support, which guarantees the reliability of the products and your satisfaction.

For the original products to be easily distinguished from any counterfeits, we have renewed the packaging of our products and provided each product with a hologram certifying its authenticity.
This way, you can easily make sure that you are getting the exact product that has been successfully applied in millions of animals for decades over thousands of production cycles.

Remember – liquid vitamin preparations are not just colored water.
Do not choose products for your animals that have no hologram of authenticity.

Trust the expertise, trust the original! Look for the PHYLAXIA hologram!

Ágnes Petrovics
Brand manager

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