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Vitapol Antitox

Composition: Humic and fulvic acids, yeast cell wall extract, modified clay components

Indications for use: To neutralize the impact of mycotoxins without the drawbacks of conventional toxinbinders. VitaTox is unique on the market, a multi-component, wide spectrum feed additive, which provides an effective neutralisation of the damage caused by the mycotoxins. It eliminates toxic heavy metals from the body, detoxifyes and strengthens the immune system. It is in an easy to mix powder form, for mixing to feeds. It is suggested to mix to the feed before granulating. It can be mixed in one round with all medicals, vitamins and other feed supplements. Its active ingredients are not degraded by heat or pressure, and are stable.

Packaging: in 25 kg paper bag

Withdrawal period: None

Dosage: depending on the toxin contamination, its dosage is from 2-4 kg/1000 kg of feed.

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