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Vitahorse Pulvis


Composition: Organic mineral with high humic acid content, extruded linseed meal, dried apple pulp.

Humic acids 16%, Crude protein 19,5%, Crude fibre 8,3%, Crude oils and fats 25%, Inorganic matter 5,2%, Sodium 0,03%, Methionine 0,35%

Indications for use: Humic acids are molecules of natural origin which have complex physiological effects by stimulating the immune system and enhancing uptake of minerals, promoting detoxification functions of organism, having anti-viral effect. Linseed contains polyunsaturated fatty acids which play an important role in the physiological structure and function of the central nervous system, influencing among others the operation of sex hormones and the immune system. The product can improve health condition, performance and fertility of horses.

Packaging: in 14 kg plastic bucket

Withdrawal period: None

Dosage: Breeding animals: mare: 200 g / animal / day stallion: 200 g / animal / day Race Horses (dep ending o n activity): 220-250 g / animal / day Hobby Horses: 80-100 g / animal / day Foals: 30-50 g / animal / day

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