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TRIERRA medicated premix concentrate A.U. V.

Composition/1 kg: Oxytetracycline – dihydrate 150 g, Zinc-bacitracin 75 g, Excipients ad 1 000 g

Indications for use: Treatment of Clostridium spirioforme infections and additional epizootic rabbit enterocolitis.

Packaging: 30 kg in multilayered, polyethylene lined paper sack

Withdrawal period: Meat and offal: 11 days

Dosage: Per os, mixed in feed. General dosage is 14 mg zinc-bacitracin and 28 mg
oxytetracycline – dihydrate / kilograms of bodyweight / day, during 10 days.
Taking into account feed intake of 7 – 10 weeks old rabbits, dosage is as
follows: 201 g zinc-bac-itracin and 402 g oxytetracikline – dihydrate / 1000 kg feed, which corresponds to 2,68 kg TRIERRA medicated premix concentrate A.U. V. / 1000 kg feed. Mixed medicated feed can be pelletized under 85°C.

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