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Composition: Sunflower oil, antifoaming agent 18.5ml, water ad 100ml
Additives: citric acid E330

Instructions for use: Neo-Atympan is an aid in the treatment of acute bloating in ru-minants. It is effective in the decreasing foaming, which is based on the destroying the foam by influencing the surface tension. It causes the merging of the gas bubbles in rumen which then allows easier passing of gas in a few minutes. If the release of the gases is obstructed or unsatisfactory, other instruments (stomach tube, trocar) may be required.

Packaging: 100 ml

Withdrawal period: None

Dosage: It can be applied by long-necked bottle or by tube intraruminally.
Shake well before use!
cattle: 100 ml
calf: 50 ml
sheep, goats: 20-25 ml

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