Illovit E-SE

Composition: Vitamin-E. selenium

Indications for use: To support the body’s antioxidant system and to prevent diseases, to prevent and treat reproductive disorders associated with vitamin E deficiency. In animals grazed in selenium-deficient areas, it prevents the development of deficiency symptoms and increases the viability of newborn animals. The synergic effects of the added plant extracts boost the immune system, and fix the efficency of physiological processes. Its biological effect is well established even during viral infections and vaccinations. Vascular protective, detoxifying processes are initiated, which accelerate the regeneration mechanisms.

Packaging: 1 l, 5 l, 20 l

Withdrawal period: none

Dosage: Dissolved in drinking water. Do not use without dilution General dose: 0.5 ml / liter of drinking water or 0.5 ml / 10 kg body weight for 3-7 days.It is recommended to have the daily amount be drank in 4-6 hours.

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