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Composition: m/m% g / lK-humate content 8,593,5 Amino acid content 2,527,5 K2O content 2,527,5 S content 0,55,5 B content 0,11,1 Cu content 0,11,1 Fe content 0,11,1 Mn content 0.11.1 Zn content

Indications for use: For conditioning field and vegetable crops

Packaging: 1 l, 5 l, 10 l, 20 l

Withdrawal period: none


• in field crops 3 times (before flowering, during setting, during ripening) in the amount of 5-10 l / ha (in potatoes 10 l / ha), with 250 l / ha of water, applied by stock spraying,

• in vegetable crops – by stock spraying, 3-4 times (3 weeks after seedling or emergence, then 2-3 additional treatments every 7-10 days), at a rate of 3-5 l / ha, at a concentration of up to 0.2%, by spraying the herd, – by drip irrigation, 3-4 times (3 weeks after seedling or emergence, then every 2-3 days every 2-3 days), applied at a rate of 3-5 l / ha, up to a concentration of 0.2%.

• for spraying vine and fruit crops at a rate of 5 liters / ha, applied 3 times during the growing season, with 500 l / ha of water.

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