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Caphos Pro


Composition: Monocalcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate, magnesium chloride

Indications for use: CaPhos Pro is a liquid feed additive serving for the Ca and P supplementation of farm animals as well as for the prevention and treatment of problems caused by locomotor diseases and bone formation disturbances. It is recommended for use as a treatment course in periods of intensive growth, bone development and production. In pigs and in intensively reared poultry flocks its use is recommended in both the starter and the grower phase. In cattle and small ruminants the use of CaPhos Pro is needed in mineral deficiency conditions and when the balance of the calcium–phosphorus metabolism is disturbed. Such conditions include e.g. milk fever, various limb problems and lameness. The product has beneficial effects also in animals with reproductive disturbances (reduced fertility, disturbances of spermatogenesis) and in those with diseases of the skin and hair coat.In pigs, CaPhos Pro is recommended for the prevention and treatment of peripartal problems such as difficult farrowing and MMA syndrome, for supporting the maturation of gametes (ova and spermatozoa) and for the prevention and treatment of various limb problems and lameness.In laying hens, the product is recommended for use mainly at the peak of egg production and when eggshell formation and other production disturbances occur. It has beneficial effects in the prevention of bone development disorders and joint problems, and it also improves fertility. It prevents heat stress under conditions of high ambient temperature. In turkey flocks, CaPhos Pro has been found to be effective in preventing aortic rupture due to copper deficiency.

Packaging: 1, 20, 5, l

Withdrawal period: None

Dosage: The product is administered dissolved in the drinking water, over a period of 5–10 days.

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