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Biogenicpet vitamin Rodent

Composition: Nutritional additives, vitamins, provitamins, amino acids, their salts and analogues.

Indications for use: Supplemented with vitamin C and amino acids, stabilized multivitamin preparation for prevention and alleviation of stress conditions, vitamin and amino acid deprivation for rodents.

Packaging: 30 ml

Withdrawal period: none


a) for small rodents (mice, hamsters) instilled with 2 drops of 1 dl of the drinking water / day,
b) for medium rodents (degu, rats): instilled with 2 drops of 1 dl of the drinking water / day,
c) for large rodents (guinea pig, chinchilla, rabbits): instilled with 5 drops of 1 dl of the drinking water / day,
The remaining drinking water should be replaced to fresh daily, and reinstill. Dosing for guinea pigs can be
continously, for the other rodents suggested as a cure (giving 15 days followed by 15 days off), or as adjunctive
therapy in case of illness. For guinea pigs, the composition alone is not sufficient to meet the maximum of
the daily Vitamin C requirements, because of that it should be supplement the daily diet with other source of
Vitamin C, for example vegetables and fruits!

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