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Biogenicpet vitamin Bird

Composition: Nutritional additives: vitamins and provitamins

Indications for use: Suitable for any age and species of birds to get more vitamin, to overcome stress condition and deficiency disease. It can reduce the negative effects of stress, improve their viability and egg hatchability, can speed recovery after illness.

Packaging: 30 ml

Withdrawal period: none

Dosage: a) for small birds (finches, budgerigars, canaries): 2-4 drops into 0.5 dl drinking water / day,
b) for medium birds (cockatiel, rosella parrot) 4-6 drops into 0.5 dl drinking water / day,
c) for large birds (cockatoos, African Gray Parrot, maca ws): 8-10 drops into 0.5 dl drinking water / day.

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