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The products containing humic acid support the health and increase the performance of animals by improving digestion, binding toxins and strengthening the immune system. They are available in different forms: as a powder to be mixed in the feed, a suspension and a solution to be administered with the drinking water.

These products contain minerals, trace elements, amino acids and humic acids corresponding to the requirements of modern organic farming. With these own developed products our aim is to meet the demands of chemical free plant cultivation.

Our nutrient supplement products for plants contain only natural ingredients and have ecological certification. By their use the expected crop yields can be increased in many cases. The products manufactured in the new manufacturing plant of Alpha-Vet are foliar feeds stimulating the own defence system of plants and do not qualify as pesticides in the classical sense of the word. These products developed and manufactured in order to support sustainable and intensive plant cultivation are economical, environment friendly and beneficial also under extreme weather conditions.

Crop farmers can also make good use of the soil conditioning products acting on the rooting zone of plants.

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