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Alpha-Vet has decades-long experience in the distribution of pet foods of outstanding quality.

Relying on that experience, in 2016 the company started the development of its own branded product portfolio under the name HAPPY&FIT. Now the entire product range has 47 SKUs from premium and superpremium dry foods through canned foods to treats, and this is only the beginning!

The most important feature of the HAPPY&FIT product range is the GERMAN QUALITY – as all dry and canned foods of this range are produced by German manufacturers who work according to extremely high quality control standards.

The demand for unique protein containing, hypoallergenic and gluten-free products has increased substantially – this is why we have developed products that have HYPOALLERGENIC certification.

We can supply our customers and their pets with products consisting of INGREDIENTS OF EXCELLENT QUALITY. When developing the formulas, it was an important criterion to complement the list of ingredients with such proteins of animal origin, herbs, vegetable and fruits that can help ensure the welfare of our pets. The canned products contain such superfood ingredients like safflower oil, Aloe vera, winter squash, and mango.

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