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The economic benefits of Alphalben suspension

In 2017, 1,146,000 ewes were kept in Hungary, which spend most of their lives on pastures, thus exposing them to parasitic infections.

To this we must add that sheep are usually grazed in less valuable, often water-resistant areas where sludge snails, the intermediate hosts of liver flukes, are present. Due to the cold of winter, most larvae of liver flukes are killed and treated with Alphalben before sprouting. This requires only 2.5 ml of suspension per animal, and can kill mature moths, nematodes and tapeworms in the mother animals; re-infection of pasture can also be prevented. However, in the absence of this, susceptible lambs would be exposed to intense miracidium infection, which significantly impairs feed sales and weight gain; as well as deaths due to the liver-damaging effect. In the case of beef cattle, untreated parasitic infections can result in individual differences in body weight of up to 40 kg, even in animals kept on dry but deep pastures. Calculated with the current purchase prices of 789 HUF / kg for young bulls, this means a loss of 31,560 HUF per individual, which is more than 30 times the average handling cost of beef cattle.

Alphalben: a broad-spectrum anthelmintic for cattle and sheep!

For gastrointestinal infections of pinworms, lungworms, tapeworms, and nematodes

ALPHALBEN: 100 mg/ ml internal suspension for cattle and sheep

  • Comfortable to use
  • Economical
  • Wide range of therapy
  • Can also be used in dairy farm

By: Péter Tilly

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