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Organit Boron

Boron is an important nutrient for winter rapeseed, as similarly to other varieties in the Brassica-family, it has high boron-needs.

It plays a vital role in building cell walls, biosynthesis, carbohydrates and protein metabolism, cell division and cell elongation, as well as the development of the root system, flowers, and yield. Boron is the only nutrient whose absence accelerates physiological processes instead of slowing them down, thus leading to abnormal cell growth.

It also plays an important part in the natural defense mechanisms of the plant against pathogen fungi. It’s needed for the formation of natural anti-fungal compounds, as well as transporting these compounds to the infected locations.

Thus it is essential for the crops both during the rapid fall-time growing period and the spring-time shoot development.

The boron-need of rapeseed is then times higher than that of wheat. In case of drought or significant nutrient-erosion, symptoms such as root hollowing, so-called heart rot.
The browning hollows are ideal soil for fungal infections (phoma stem canker, botrytis), and they significantly decrease the winter-resistance of the crops.

In the springtime, problems may arise in the nutrient transfer to the developing seed pods. Insufficient boron availability during flowering may decrease pollination and cause a physiologically weak flower setting. Boron is immobile within the plant, hence a 3-fold boron resupply is suggested: fall, spring, and prior to flowering.

Organit® Boron provides large quantities (135 g/l) of fast-absorbing boron to the plants. Furthermore, it is supplied with EDDHSA chelating agent, which, compared to conventional chelating agents makes micro- and meso-elements more readily available for plants.

Organit Boron can be used in organic farming!

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