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Notable references

I used Organit Copper + Sulfur on nearly 1000 ha of wheat. Copper deficiency was completely absent, the crops became more resistant to diseases, and it even had a positive effect on content values.
Csaba Csóri – Managing Director, Helianthus Kft.

We intentionally tested Terrum M on an edge row, where seedlings tend to show weaker development. Yet, seedlings started out visibly stronger, with better growth vigor.
József Szalay – Novaplant Ornamental Tree Nursery

We compared 3 foliar fertilization technologies on the Kristinus Wine Estate. The plots received identical plant protection. GREENSHIELD® and BIOSHIELD supplemented with the appropriate Organit foliar fertilizers at each growth stage, performed the best, especially in terms of content.
Zoltán Bohus – Kristinus Wine Estate

We sprayed Organit Copper + Sulfur throughout our entire area. We were perfectly satisfied. Additionally, Terrum M is already a part of our installation technology.
Adrián Lengyel – Ravazd Agricultural Cooperative

Our technology is assembled exclusively from the products of Alphaplant, because they comply with the regulations of organic farming.
Tibor Fazekas – Somló Abbey Cellar

The Alphaplant conditioners are an immense help in cultivating healthy, abundant grapes in compliance with organic farming regulations.
Imre Halász – Somló Hill

I used the GREEN SHIELD® and the BioShield in almost all cultures appropriately to the growth stage. Additionally, I plant-specifically applied Organit foliar fertilizers such as Boron, Zinc and Magnesium. Thanks to these products, we closed a great year.
György Tüskés – Lavant Kft.

I recommend the Terrum M microbiological preparation for all grafts, with which farmers can gain at least a year.
Dr. László Bakonyi

I use GREENSHIELD® on an over-300 ha soy culture. We achieve excellent results each year. This year I also used it on sunflower.
Ferenc Kovács – Owner, Kajd-Mező Kft.

I used Organit Copper + Sulfur on grain, and GREENSHIELD® on soy with great satisfaction. Deficiency symptoms did not occur in any of the cultures, and in my opinion the crops were also less prone to diseases.
László Pfundtner – K&K Agriculture

Of the Organit foliar fertilizers, I used Zinc and Boron. These are high quality products that stand on a very good market position in terms of cost/benefit ratio.
Tibor Lucz – Aranykalász Agricultural Cooperative

I was content using the GREENSHIELD® + Organit Zinc combination on corn culture.
Richárd Deák – Határőr Zrt.

I used both GREENSHIELD® and Organit Boron on soy. I am convinced that Green Shield had a positive impact on the absorption of the other elements.
Róbert Hancz

I use BIOSHIELD and GREENSHIELD® according to the season. The condition of the plants is incomparable to the control area, so I already use them in integration. The leaves are much stronger, providing a larger assimilation surface.
Győző Effenpergel – Effendy-Vin Kft.

I have been annually using Water Retainer® since 2016 on about 40-60 ha of organic oilseed radish, sweet corn, and hybrid corn. I experienced a more even germination, a more uniform batch, and stronger development. Yield results were positive for all cultures.
Lajos Izsó – managing director, Biocsárda Kft.

I have been using Water Retainer® for several years both on my own land, and on an area I advise, on about 60-70 ha, on tomatoes growing from seeds and seedlings. In both cases, I achieved a positive results. In the case of growing from seeds, germination and growth were stronger. The rooting of transplants also improved. Overall the crops were stronger and more consistent.
Tibor Trenyik – Nagyszénás

I have been using Terrum M since 2014 for fruit tree and grape planting on nearly 8-10 ha. I achieved better rooting and fewer lost plants. Growth is stronger. I have been using it in a vineyard for two years now. Rooting is much stronger.
Zoltán Béla – owner, Béla Borászati Kft.

For several years now, our farmers’ union members have been using Terrum M for planting cherries, sour cherries and plums. The area size is around 15-20 ha annually. We’ve had positive experiences, better rooting, and stronger growth. 1-2% loss during planting.
Észak Alföld Framers’ Union

We have been using GREENSHIELD® on rice crops since 2013, on an area varying between 500-700 ha. We use aerial application. Rice is quite a sensitive plant. The product has a positive effect on flowering and attachment. Stronger vegetation, better plant resilience, stress tolerance.
László Ágfalvi – Production Director Nagykun 2000 Zrt.

We have been using the Green Shield since 2013. Because it is a unique plant, it is not easy to grow. We use aerial application. Flowering and fruit setting are prolonged, it has a positive effect on the plants’ fertility and tolerance to external influences, and stress tolerance.
György Chrappán – production manager Indian rice Ltd.

I have been using GREENSHIELD in vineyards since 2014. It has a positive effect on the development of the plant. Stronger vegetation and development. My goal is to increase disease resistance by cultivating stronger plants, so fewer pesticides need to be used. I can reduce the stress on the area.
Zoltán Béla – owner, Béla Winery

The farmers’ union members have been using GREENSHIELD for almost 8-9 years now. Beneficial effect, better fertilization, stronger trees, improved resilience. The frost tolerance of the plant increases, as does the resilience of the vegetation. Better setting. Anthracnose infection is greatly reduced. In the case of sour cherries, the stronger, think-skinned fruit is more resistant to shocks when shaking. Sugar contents increase.
Northern Great Plain Farmers’ Union

I have been growing melons for decades, on about 35 hectares. I have been using GREENSHIELD® since 2013. After planting, when the foil cover is removed, the plant is very sensitive to weather conditions. GREENSHIELD® has a positive effect on the crop development, and mitigates the effects of weather-induced stress. Fruit setting is better. Plants grow stronger in vegetation, and are more resistant to UV radiation.
Pál Pribránszki – Gerendás

I use GREENSHIELD® in a cherry and sour cherry orchard. I am very satisfied with it, the resilience of the plantation has visibly improved, and resistance to Anthracnose infection increased. It greatly increases safety and harvestability.
Tibor Kóder – Nyíregyháza / Bedőbokor

I used the AlphaPlant rapeseed technology for fall application. (1l Bio Shield + 1l Organit Boron) I experienced positive results, the crops became stronger and more resistant to diseases.
Balázs Hild – Bát Gabona

I used GREENSHIELD® on Muscat grapes. It provided great help in dealing with climate-related stress.
Ákos Ruppert – Ruppert Pince

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