NoroFlex Equine Sport – to protect the joints of horses

Our horses are wonderful parts of the natural living environment.

Their body structure adapted to constant movement, rapid changes of direction, bearing heavy loads, and exert intense physical power. This is why they have become one of the most important farm animals in human history.

This additional mode of utilization has similar demands on the musculoskeletal system as were needed in recent millennia. We need reliable and perfect circulation and respiratory systems, strong tendons and muscles, and powerful, lean, and durable joint and bone structure.

Damage to the musculoskeletal system resulting from significant exercise is common amongst our sport horses, and in our hobby horses with uneven levels of activity (a lot of rest followed by an intense exercise for a few hours or days). In such cases, we try to help the natural healing processes by allowing relaxation or, if necessary, using medicines. Unfortunately, we cannot always achieve complete recovery. Sometimes the healing is only temporary, and at the next strain, symptoms recur or performance deteriorates. In the most unfavorable case, perfect healing does not even occur temporarily, and the limping, swelling, and pain persist.

NoroFlex Equine Sport contains active ingredients that regulate the metabolism of articular cartilage and tendon tissues. Its main constituents are glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, which are the natural building blocks of the intercellular cartilage stock. At a young age, during the period of growth, the demand for these raw materials is high. By old age, their production decreases, the joints “dry out,” their mobility, and the durability of the cartilage diminish. Glucosamines increase cartilage thickness and water content in-between the cells. The more water in the cartilage stock, the greater its compressive strength and flexibility. The glucosamine found in greenshell mussels is much more easily absorbed and incorporated into the cartilage than synthetic glucosamines, so its impact is quicker and more intensive. Chondroitin sulfate increases the elasticity of cartilage, improves the quality of joint fluid. MSM is an organosulfur compound that increases joint mobility and durability and has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects as well.

The right levels of vitamins and trace elements in the body are equally important for growth, regeneration, stabilizing performance because a balanced supply of nutrients is foundational for rapid tissue building. Joint-diseases can occur at any stage of life, during any form of movement, so the product can be used at any developmental phase when the musculoskeletal system is growing, overloaded, or when we want to prevent its degeneration in old age.
NoroFlex Equine Sport is a state-of-the-art, innovative development that, through its natural ingredients, relieves the painful symptoms of joint injuries and inflammations, helps build and strengthen a healthy, optimal cartilage system, and maintains its youthful elasticity.

Recommendation: For foals to support optimal cartilage and tendon development, for racehorses to maintain healthy joints.
To prevent arthritis and support healing in both acute and chronic cases. Relieves inflammatory symptoms, inhibits further cartilage damage, accelerates cartilage tissue regeneration.
Dosage: 30 g/day per horse, 40 g/day if the body weighs more than 600 kg. It can be administered for an extended period without contraindications. One bucket (5 kg) contains a full monthly dose for 5 horses.

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