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Life at Alphavet

AlphaVet supporting agriculture in Kosovo

AlphaVet’s agricultural products will help improve farming in the young country. Its fertile soil, along with favourable agro-climatic conditions enable the cultivation of crops in Kosovo. Despite significant improvement in ...

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Forbes writes about AlphaZoo

The Hungarian edition of the renowned Forbes Magazine has recently published an article about the AlphaZoo pet-shop chain. With its 47 own shops and further 27 ones that are operating ...

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Alphavet at Zoomark in Bologna, Italy

The Zoomark International Pet Fair the was the only pet industry event this year that took place in a face-to-face manner. 450 exhibitors from around 40 countries introduced their goods.

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Farm animals

Bulgarian Beekeepers Visit Alpha-Vet

The power of Bulgarian honey lies in the clean nature, as the precious plants as lime, thyme, lavender and savoury.  What the number of certified ecologcal apiaries is concerned, Bulgaria ...

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Companion animals

Gefriderm available now in Germany

Alpha-Vet’s topical spray for the treatment of complex (bacterial, fungal) canine acute dermatitis, Gefriderm was recently launched in Germany. The product has proven a solid efficiency and is the preparation ...

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SNAPShot DSR scanner The instrument allows the results of SNAP tests to be read and recorded. 1) Touch screen interface 2) Easy data entry and navigation 3) Its leading-edge imaging ...

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