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Horseradish cultivation

Using GREENSHIELD®: • Increases the crops’ resistance to disease • Higher, more reliable yields • Boosts root development

• Improves regenerative properties
• All components are held in an organic chelate bond, readily available for plant uptake

GREENSHIELD can be applied simultaneously with insecticides and fungicides. A mixing test is recommended before co-application! Do not mix with bacteria-containing products!
Spraying should be carried out in the evening hours, below 25 °C.
Precipitation within 2-3 hours of application may reduce absorption.

Technology recommendation:
Phenological phase / Dosage (l/ha)
Intensive foliage development: 3
2 times after closure: 3

Sándor Elek – farmer, Bagamér
“In the 2013 year my horseradish plantation was hit by severe hail damage. My expert consultant advised me to use the GREENSHIELD® EC fertilizer. After application the crops developed healthy, adequate foliage. I observed no damage from the hail in the quality and quantity of the harvest.”

Lajos Pálfalvi – farmer, Debrecen
“I’ve been using GREENSHIELD for years. Despite the warm, dry year, the resistance and resilience of the plants was adequate during the entire growing season. In my opinion it is well applicable for stress management.”

Sándor Juhász – gardening consultant
“My fruit growing partners have already been using GREENSHIELD foliar fertilizer on large areas in sour cherry and grapevine plantations for years. In these plantations it is an established and essential element of the technology. I have great experiences with it in horseradish as well. While using GREENSHIELD, reliable yields can be achieved even in unpredictable weather.”

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