Grapevine cultivation

Using GREENSHIELD®: • Increases crop resistance to disease • Increases yields • Reliable harvest

• Improves flowering and fruit setting
• Increaases sugar content
• Reduces frost-damage
• Improves crop regeneration (pruning, storms, hail)
• Reduces chemical use, more economical production

GREENSHIELD can be applied simultaneously with insecticides and fungicides. A mixing test is recommended before co-application! Do not mix with bacterial products!
Spraying should be carried out in the evening hours, below 25 °C.
Precipitation within 2-3 hours of application may reduce absorption.

Technology recommendation:
Phenological phase / Dosage (l/ha)
Beginning of flowering: 2
Setting: 2-3
Bunch closure: 2-3
Veraison: 2

Oremus Wineyard (Tokaj) – Attila Dálnoki-Kovács
“I use the product on a smaller plantation especially for immune boosting. In my experiences it is easily integrated into other biological protection systems.”

Ruppert Wine Estate and Cellar (Villány) – Ákos Ruppert
“I grow grapevine on 36 ha. 75% of this is red grape varieties: Oporto, Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet franc, Merlot and Blaufränkisch. White varieties: Chardonnay, Muscat Ottonel, Olaszrizling. GREENSHIELD offers great help in cultivation.”

Takler Cellar (Szekszárd) – Ferenc Takler Jnr.
“I use GREENSHIELD integrated into the Takler Estate’s foliar fertilizer technology.”

János Kiss (Szentgyörgyvár)
“I have been growing grapes since 1997. Wine varieties: Valentin, Rozália, Pátria, Karolusz, Golubok. Table varieties include: Eszter, Éva, Tünde, Bella dona, Ave Maria, Simon, Keszthely Muscato, Narancsízű, Vénusz, Pölöske Muscato, Ametiszt, Angéla, Kék toleráns, Szultanini and Attila on 0.25 ha.

I was recommended GREENSHIELD by László Bakonyi (son of Károly Bakonyi, the propagator of the Cserszegi Fűszeres variety), who is a close relative. I apply it continuously from initial spraying, in a 1% concentration. I am thoroughly satisfied with it, since my crops showed greater resilience and higher sugar contents compared to the previous years.”

Diána Mészárosné Polya – expert crop protection consultant, Villány
“Year after year, we apply GREENSHIELD on larger areas in the leading estates of the Villány region (Gere Attila Cellar, Bock Cellar) as a crop conditioner. Our experiences have been very convincing of the beneficial effects of GREENSHIELD.”

Attila Császár – wineyard manager, Somló
“Regular application provides adequate protection against the most common pathogens of grapevines, as a supplement to fungicides.”


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