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With this event, Alpha-Vet – a forerunner of innovation – aims to highlight and recognize companies that are committed to sustainable development and efficient production.

Alpha-Vet’s livestock and animal feed branch, ALPHAFEED and its plant nutrient supply branch, ALPHAPLANT, brings to the market products that meet the demands of ecological and organic farming by utilizing excellent domestic intellectual capital and raw materials, and they can be economically applied even in large-scale farming. Of the nearly 60 companies worthy of the awards, 12 category grand prizes were eventually awarded.

The awards were presented by Dr. László Rózsa, professional director of ALPHAFEED and ALPHAPLANT, and János Márkus, domestic distribution director of Alpha-Vet Ltd.

Alpha-Vet’s humic acid-based products have been applied and tested in almost all types of large-scale technologies. It can be said that in nearly all cases, they can improve production results while also reducing the operating costs. We use the highest-quality, Hungarian-mined raw materials in our manufacturing processes.

Alpha-Vet’s products are EU- licensed, and satisfy all requirements for feed and plant nutrient replenishment.

The Vitapol suspension has been upgraded, and is the only Hungarian feed additive to contain a new activated formula improving bioavailability. The benefits of the 80% humic acid content include inhibiting the adsorption of many RNA and DNA viruses, as well as having antibacterial and fungicidal benefits. It depletes toxins and toxic elements, assists in microelement-uptake, and catalyzes the energy-production processes of cells. It is involved in the biochemical processes of the immune system, serves as an appetite enhancer, and eliminates vomiting and diarrhea.

More than 200 livestock and agricultural professionals were in attendance. As the keynote speaker at the event, Dr. János Csicsor, a research and development engineer, talked about the significance of humic acids and minerals. Eszter Sepsi, the expert consultant plant scientist of ALPHAPLANT, and Ágnes Petrovics, the brand manager of ALPHAFEED, gave a presentation on the economic benefits of using humic acid products.

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