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The products containing humic acid support the health and increase the performance of animals by improving digestion, binding toxins and strengthening the immune system. They are available in different forms: as a pow-der to be mixed in the feed, a suspension and a solution to be administered with the drinking water.

Alpha-Vet has abundant experience in the development and distribution of pro-ducts based on humic acid. More than 50% of the dairy farms in Hungary use such organic products containing humic acid to replace antibiotics and improve performance.

” The benefits of products containing humic acid and
the satisfaction of customers with these products are clearly shown by the Grand Prize for Animal Breeding, awarded to Alpha-Vet for these products on two occasions at the National Agriculture and Food Exhibition and Fair. “

In addition to products based on humic acid, the same plant manufactures a whole range of products containing vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and trace elements.

The solutions containing combinations, developed by Phylaxia and to be administered via the drinking water are useful for farm and companion animals suffering from different deficiency syndromes: they are beneficial in cases of vitamin and mineral deficiency, for amino acid supplementation, in periods of heat stress, and against different metabolic disturbances.

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