Deworming: How do we treat dairy flocks?

Of course, we know that eprinomectin is used to treat dairy flocks, because it does not get into the milk, is convenient to use as an infusion solution, and is also effective against various ectoparasites.

Unomec or Eprizero pouring solution is indeed an effective anthelmintic, but here comes the usual “but”. Eprinomectin has no effect on flatworms and should not be used in liver flukes and tapeworm infections because flatworms do not have the chloride ion channels that inhibit eprinomectin.

Clozantel, chlorsululone, and triclabendazole have strong effects against miracidium infections, but unfortunately none of them can be used in herds whose milk is intended for human consumption, even during the dry period- therefore, these are ruled out.

However, we have good news: albendazole- Alphalben suspension- is effective against both liver flukes and Monesia species, as well as many nematode species, and can be used in dairy herds – with a waiting time of 5 days on cow’s milk.

The other optional formulation is Rumenil suspension, with the active substance oxyclozanide. This has a waiting time of only 4.5 days for milk. Oxyclosanide has also been described to be effective on undeveloped rumen flukes. Oxyclozanide is currently the only known active ingredient that can kill not only adult, but also early-stage rumen flukes.

Rumen flukes are rarely given importance or talked about in Hungary, although they are becoming more common due to mild winters. Intensive infection can cause a significant decrease in production. The role of oxyclozanide is well illustrated by the fact that in Ireland, where flakes are a very serious problem, it’s turnover increased by 60% in a single year in 2012 to replace triclabendazole, for which resistance is widespread.

For the treatment of milking cows


100 mg / ml oral suspension for cattle and sheep A.U.V.

For the treatment of infections caused by gastrointestinal pinworms, lungworms, tapeworms and adult mites that are albendazole-sensitive.


34 mg / ml oral suspension for cattle A.U.V.

For the treatment of chronic hepatitis caused by adult-stage Fasciola hepatica sensitive to oxyclozanide, and the elimination of tapeworms.

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