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AlphaVet supporting agriculture in Kosovo

AlphaVet’s agricultural products will help improve farming in the young country. Its fertile soil, along with favourable agro-climatic conditions enable the cultivation of crops in Kosovo. Despite significant improvement in the last years, the Balkan-country is still struggling with modest productivity in an overwhelming majority of small farms.  Agroelita, the leading seed factory in Kosovo, […]

Crop protection

A completely new, Bio foliar fertilizer product line is available from ALPHA-VET! In addition to agrotechnical processes and the breeding of disease-resistant varieties, the environmentally friendly protection of our cultivated crops can be achieved efficiently and cost-effectively by using a higher proportion of products that do not qualify as plant protection products in the classical sense, but they stimulate the crop’s own defense system. The products of Alpha-Vet offer reliable natural, environmentally friendly assistance, even in extreme weather conditions.

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