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Bulgarian Beekeepers Visit Alpha-Vet

The power of Bulgarian honey lies in the clean nature, as the precious plants as lime, thyme, lavender and savoury.  What the number of certified ecologcal apiaries is concerned, Bulgaria ranks among the top organic honey producers in Europe. The country’s annual honey output is more than 10,000 metric tons. Alpha-Vet’s BEECARE program, with its non-chemical, all-natural bee health products fits very well in this landscape.

Two of the most important queen producers, Mr. Iliya Pavlov and Mr. Dian Germanov, together with Dr Ivelin Marinov, who is the CEO of Biomarketing Bulgaria, paid in March a one-day visit to Alpha-Vet. They discussed with the company’s experts not only the benefits and usage of the BEECARE preparations but touched on general beekeeping issues too.

Says Dr, Marinov: The local test of the products last year was very promising. This visit was indeed beneficial, as now we understand them even better. I see a great future for them in Bulgaria.”

From left to right: G. Polgár, Export Director, I. Pavlov, D. Germanov and I. Mrinov

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