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The 2018 Hungarian Crop Production Product Award Competition’s grand prize product

BIOPAJZS® makes the use of fertilizers more efficient, reduces product loss, and makes accumulated unabsorbable nutrients available for use. It also enhances the drought tolerance and resilience of plants.

BIOPAJZS® is a special foliar fertilizer that contains a complex form of macro- and microelement nutrients needed for plant root formation, stem formation, flowering, fruit set and fruit development. At the same time, it also includes high-performance preservatives that can provide protection against fungal and bacterial diseases as a surface treatment and absorbent in all crops.

Food and occupational health waiting time: 0 days.

Expected benefits of using BIOPAJZS®:

  • Increases plant resistance to disease
  • Increases yield and improves crop quality
  • Improves the regenerative ability of plants
  • Increases the shelf life of the crop
  • Provides more efficient water use and increased drought tolerance
  • All it’s components are found in the organic chelate bond, which is rapidly utilized by plants
  • Protects plants from harmful UV radiation

Absolute “bio” (The product has received a guarantee certificate from Biokontroll Hungária and Hungária Öko)


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