Biogenicpet vitality and the winter

It is a common experience that winter puts an extra strain on older dogs.

It is already difficult for older dogs to move, and they often have musculoskeletal, rheumatic, and arthritic lesions which worsen in winter. This is because when walking in the cold of winter, the acral parts become more cooled and their blood supply decreases, which is an etiological factor in the development of joint diseases.

Recently, a lady called me to ask what I recommend for her 11.5-year-old dachshund with posterior limb paresis due to a disc herniation. As it turned out, she had already selected a combined cartilage protection product (green mussels, shark cartilage, MSM) from the wide selection, but was not completely satisfied with the result achieved. The animal’s movement was sometimes still unsteady and may have continued to pull its legs. Her specific question for me was whether she could add the BiogenicPet Vitality tablet to this cartilage protection product, because she heard this product has also had a very good effect on locomotor complaints.

The answer is yes, because the attack point of BiogenicPet Vitality is quite different from that of other cartilage protection products. BiogenicPet Vitality contains a variety of growth factors isolated from eggs, called Humanofort®, that also promote the body’s natural regenerative capacity and the incorporation of available ingredients into cartilage. Thus, BiogenicPet Vitality does not interact with other cartilage protection products, but on the contrary has an additive effect and increases their effectiveness.

And now comes the twist, which surprised me too: yesterday, the lady called again, enthusiastically letting us know that “her dog had been exchanged for reality”. Now, the dog is as playful as she was at a young age, active, and her paretic symptoms are completely gone. I hadn’t heard of a similar case, but it even surprised me that the effect happened within only two weeks. In any case, the lady decided that she would give the BiogenicPet Vitality tablet not only as a cure, but continuously, so pleased with the effect.

For the treatment of joint diseases, dermatitis, hair growth disorders, and physiological effects of stress.

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