What is BiogenicPet Mobility? The pill relieves the painful symptoms of joint damage – injuries, inflammation, abrasions – and we can use it for the rehabilitation, improvement and restoration of locomotor function of dogs.

Thoughts about joints
Healthy joints are essential for moving, their injury, wear and tear cause significant pain that fundamentally determines the quality of life. The joints are made of hyaline cartilage covering the bone ends, synovial fluid (synovia), tendon sheath, and ligaments.

On average, a compressive force of 12-18 MPa must be tolerated in the cartilage of a person’s knee or hip joint, not including extreme loads.
The cartilage structures of humans and dogs are very similar to each other, therefore human lesions can be modeled exceptionally well with canine joint diseases, hence studying them helps to treat people.

The hyaline cartilage backbone consists of a net of collagen fibers responsible for hardness, which envelop the proteoglycan chains that provide flexibility. These can bind an extremely large amount of water: most of the weight of the joint is water – which, if falls below 50%, results in the deterioration of cartilage stability, the damage and then collapse of the collagen skeleton, eventually leading to an acceleration of the degenerative process and finally cartilage destruction.

Therefore, the presence of adequate amounts of proteoglycan is a key issue for cartilages. A hyaline cartilage is hard yet flexible due to the above outlined structure.

The regenerative ability of joints is very poor, and instead of perfect healing, the only option is often reconstruction, for three reasons:

• There are very few cells in cartilage, only 2-3 percent of the total volume. Mature chondrocytes enclosing themselves in the base are able to perform division only for a very short time – for about 10-14 days – after injury, and even during this time only to a limited extent.
• The cartilage does not have its own blood supply, the nutrient uptake happens from the synovial fluid produced by the endothelium of the cartilage cells.
• There is a vacuum inside the joint.

The structure of the joint matrix is thus built by a small number of cells with a poor supply of oxygen and – thus the fullest possible presence of the cartilage building blocks is essential to ensure cartilage integrity.

What are the ingredients in BiogenicPet Mobility?
The main advantage of the BiogenicPet Mobility pills is that they contain all the essential building blocks required for cartilage construction and regeneration in the most optimal combination.
The key to cartilage functionality is the renewal of the structural macromolecules. For this, D-glucosamine and chondroitin supplementation is vital, as these molecules are the building blocks of proteoglycans that make up the structure of cartilage.
BiogenicPet Mobility contains the purest ingredients developed and manufactured for human use, instead of commonly used ingredients extracted from crustaceans and shellfish, which ensures greater bioavailability and efficiency.

What is Salto 3TM?
Salto 3TM is one of the main ingredients in the formula: a patented combination of 3 components. These are D-glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and the “soul” of Salto 3TM: a mixture of hydrolyzed oligopeptides (small proteins) purified from whey.

These oligopeptides significantly improve the utilization of the glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, increase their effectiveness, hence the BiogenicPet Mobility shows more intensive results with a lower active ingredient content than similar formulations.

What results are available on the effects of Salto 3TM?
Under experimental conditions, Salto 3TM prevented chondrocyte (cartilage) damage to a more than 10x greater extent than “plain” glucosamine.

Clinically proven effects:
• preservation of cartilage cells;
• protection and regeneration of cartilage structural elements;
• mitigating the damaging effects of inflammation and consequently reducing joint pain;

Salto 3TM reduced inflammatory symptoms of mice to 3-5x more ffectively compared to a same dosage of the combination of glucose aminoglycan and chondroitin sulfate.
The anti-inflammatory effect of Salto 3TM was stronger than that of ibuprofen and aspirin. (The latter two NSAIDs are widely used in human medicine to relieve joint-related pain)
Salto 3TM is also used in human medicine: a placebo-controlled study showed that three months of treatment reduced the intensity of joint pain in 60-year old patients by half.

BiogenicPet Mobility: complex formula, multifaceted support for joints and connective tissues
In addition to Salto 3TM, BiogenicPet contains a number of other components that are essential to build joints and boost the regenerative ability of cartilage cells:
Seafood Extract: Special protein containing New Zealand green mussel and shark cartilage extract in matrix, which provides outstanding utilization. It is a popular ingredient in human joint protection products.

Hyaluronic acid: A giant molecule with extremely high water-binding capacity. It is known as a “lubricant” for the joints. Thus, it is essential to prevent cartilage wear, to improve movement, and to reduce pain. In addition, with its connected proteoglycan chains, it is also involved in the construction of the cartilage fiber structure.
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane): An organic sulfur compound, a natural source of sulfur that plays a role in collagen synthesis and tissue regeneration, as well as relieving pain. MSM improves the diffusion of various nutrients across the articular membranes.

Calcium hydrogen phosphate: Calcium is a macroelement, which is essential for bone structure, normal muscle function and nerve transmission, and is a cofactor of pyruvate decarboxylase.

What results can be expected from using BiogenicPet Mobility?
The treatment reduces the swelling of the joints, shortens the healing time of the injuries, relieves pain, and improves mobility. In abrasive diseases, it increases the amount and viscosity of joint fluid, and improves cartilage elasticity. The dose of analgesics can be reduced or omitted accordingly.

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