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Bee colonies

Description of products made from natural ingredients for the successful management of bee colonies - We are looking for exclusive distributors in each country.

– against chemical poisoning

– for the treatment of mite infection

– for the prevention of fungal spawning

– against Nosema

– for the treatment of foulbrood

Europe has a long tradition in the field of honey production. In Hungary we produce about 20,000 tons a year, 80-90% of which is exported. Our high-quality honey and products are in demand, and the necessary knowledge and modern technology are also available.

Alpha-Vet Kft., as a European manufacturer of EU GMP medicines, GMP + feed supplements, develops and manufactures its products in accordance with the strict European regulations, considering the high consumer demands. Organic production and human ecotoxicological aspects in general are becoming increasingly important worldwide. In the production of honey, it is vital that the excipients used are not chemicals, as the authorities “chase” their use during production. Because honey is an essential natural food, possibly used residues and other by-products may be present in the honey or accumulate in the spleen, and thus even possibly reaching the consumer, which would be completely unacceptable.

Our products for bees are extremely effective against major beekeeping problems; they are made from natural materials and are gentle with both bees and users. They can be integrated into country support schemes, effective means of preventive treatments, and are even suitable for organic production.

Problems, diseases and parasites that cause significant damage to beekeeping:

– Poisoning during chemical treatment of agricultural crops kills complete bee colonies in connection with the use of neonicotinoids. Our preventive preparation is 80-90% effective against Apis Plus.

– Mites – the mite infection is present in almost every bee family; their reduction and decontamination of the families is a very difficult task for beekeepers. Amitraz, known by many and still used in some places, but mostly officially banned, can be killed by up to 99% with incense treatment, but it is a forbidden product due to its carcinogenic effect. Our products help with this. With regular use of ChalkFree and NAF, mite infections can be controlled and kept at acceptable levels.

– We recommend the use of ChalkFree against fungal spawning, which is 100% preventable.

– Fumagillin, which is now banned against Nosema, was the only effective drug. Now, Nonosz Plus is the only effective drug proven in the laboratory.

– The occurrence of foulbrood is notifiable and involves the compulsory eradication of the herd. Therefore, prevention is the only possible solution for which our effective product is NAF.

Apis Plus – a natural active ingredient in hops extract, which has a strong toxin-binding effect. There is a huge danger for beekeepers if the process is done incorrectly, and many bee colonies are being destroyed due to irresponsible spraying and failure to report. The most used neonicotinoids are extremely dangerous to the insect world, and bees are killed if the waiting time is not adhered to. By applying the Apis Plus product to the hive in the spring before the spraying period, accidental poisoning can be largely prevented. Examined under experimental conditions, 80-90% of the blown family survives it, while the control group is destroyed. As an additional effect, the queen bee spawns even better, which is also a significant benefit.

It can be integrated into the support system in different ways and to different degrees from country to country.

How to use: 2ml of product dissolved in 50% sugar syrup and distributed to 6-10 families in early spring.

roborizing in the fall is also good.

ChalkFree – a medicinal preparation containing essential oils and herbs; also to be dissolved in 50% sugar syrup. ChalkFree is hearty because 1 liter of the mixture is enough for up to 20 families. It should / can be treated in spring and autumn as well, repeating 3-10 times (one day of treatment followed by a day of rest). It is 100% successful in the fight against calcification, and since there is no medicine for it, it is very much needed. It weakens the mite, which is the biggest problem in apiaries, it is supported as an anti-mite preparation due to its effectiveness and is a medicinal product in Hungary. Used in highly infected families for years, the mite population continues to weaken. In addition, the roborizing effect of essential oils and acids stimulates the beekeeping instinct of bees, which clearly has a positive effect on families.

An effective drug called Fumagillin was used for decades but is now banned. Nonosz Plus is the only laboratory-proven effective preparation against Nosema (nosemosis apium). Cures are performed in the spring and then repeated with a break for one day. It can also be given with sugar syrup or block.

**NAF – which is a medicinal product in Hungary, is the combination of bee pharmacies that must be treated and dosed in the same way; it is a notifiable anti-rot agent. There is no drug against it, after the announcement they are protected by extermination of the herd, which can be prevented by NAF prophylactic treatment. It also stimulates cleaning and reduces the mites.**

Immunobee – a humic acid preparation that can be mixed into syrup or a block. It provides trace elements and microelements to the family, it has a natural toxin-binding effect, and is a strong roborating agent. A hearty one-liter product can meet the annual needs of 2-300 families. Feedback from beekeepers is extremely positive as their families overwinter better with its use.

FulvoBee – works the same as ImmunoBee. It contains pure fulvic acid and is dissolved in water and added to the drinker.

When feeding the products, a trial feeding is always required! On the one hand, it is necessary to reduce the proportion of water from the 50% sugar/ 50% water mixture, even if it is diluted with more than one product at a time, and therefore more than 50 ml / liter gets dissolved. And on the other hand, to avoid a too intense a final product that the family might not pick up.

1., FulvoBee

How can our product provide a solution?

To strengthen the immune system of honeybees, to replenish minerals and microelements.

Can be added to drinking water

Due to the strong antiviral, antibacterial and immunostimulatory effects of the high fulvic acid content, it is recommended to be administered in late summer autumn.

Stir 250 to 500 ml of solution into 100 liters of drinking water

Guaranteed content:

Humidity: 87.00%

Humic acids: 9.00%

Potassium (K): 1.64%

Sodium (Na): 0.35%

Calcium (Ca): 0.10%

Iron (Fe): 160 mg / liter

Phosphorus (P): 64 mg / liter

Manganese (Mn): 21 mg / liter

Zinc (Zn): 5 mg / liter

Dosage: 10-30 ml / 10 liters in drinking water or 50% sugar syrup. The product turns the sugar syrup yellowish brown

Packaging: 1 liter


How can our product provide a solution?

To strengthen the immune system of honeybees, to replenish minerals and microelements.

Can be added to sugar syrup

High humic acid content in energy production processes

Due to its auxiliary and microelement replacement effect, its dosing is recommended in spring and summer

Guaranteed content:

Humidity: 83.00%

Humic acids: 11.00%

Crude ash: 5.50%

Potassium (K): 1.40%

Calcium (Ca): 0.25%

Sodium (Na): 0.20%

Magnesium (Mg): 0.025%

Phosphorus (P): 0.005%

Iron (Fe): 800 mg / liter

Manganese (Mn): 15 mg / liter

Zinc (Zn): 10 mg / liter

Copper (Cu): 1 mg / liter

Molybdenum (Mo): 1 mg / liter

Cobalt (Co): 0.3 mg / liter

Dosage: Mix 10 ml of ImmunoBee in 10 liters of 50% sugar syrup. The preparation turns the sugar syrup yellowish brown.

Packaging: 1 liter

3., ChalkFree forte

How can our product provide a solution?

Medicinal product containing natural substances. To significantly reduce the number of varroa destructor mites. For the prevention of ascospheriosis.


Supported by the EU

It contains only natural substances

It is free of antibiotics and can be used in apiaries

No resistance develops

Food health waiting time: 0 days

Stimulates the tendency to feed

Stimulates the tendency to clean

Increases the tendency to wear

Strengthens the immune system

Strong fungicidal effect

The content of vegetable essential oil disrupts the life of mites

Medicinal product authorized in Hungary

Easy dosing, in spring and autumn

Application instructions:

Treatments should be done first in the so-called stimulant feeding and secondly in July, August or September. It is very important that the composition is uniformly mixed in the carrier (syrup, block or water).

The temperature of the carrier must not exceed 40 ° C, as the active ingredients decompose!


Add 5 ml of ChalkFree fort to half a liter of sugar syrup (cake or drinking water). The treatment is repeated 10 times a day or every other day, depending on the application. (One course means 50 ml of product per hive).

The needs of a family:

50 ml ChalkFree in spring – 50 ml in autumn

1 liter is enough to treat 20 bee colonies

Overdose cannot happen

Packaging: 1000 ml

4., NAF

How can our product provide a solution?

To prevent foulbrood, to reduce Varroa mite infection.


Natural ingredients

The complex effect of six essential oils

Strong bactericidal effect ► prevent/ eliminate stretchy rot

Strong antiparasitic effect ► Varroa destructor

Stimulates cleansing hair

Waiting time: 0 days (no residue)


The product is suitable for the prevention of foulbrood due to its strong antibacterial effect


The synergistic effect of its six essential oils makes it suitable for combating Varroa destructor – in spring and summer

Dosage: for 0.5 liters of syrup 5 ml NAF / family / day for 10 days.

Packaging? not entered

5., NonoszPlus

How can our product provide a solution?

An effective solution to prevent Nosema Ceranae and Nosema Apis infection.


Contains only natural active ingredients

Antibiotic free, can be used in bio apiaries

Food health waiting time: 0 days

Strengthens the immune system

Authorized medicinal product

Easy dosing, twice a year, in spring and autumn

Its carrier contains amino acids, vitamins, macro- and microelements

Prevents the development of diseases

Families are getting stronger

Application instructions:

For half a liter of sugar syrup (cake or drinking water) 5 ml

Let’s do Nonos Plus. The treatment is repeated 10 times a day or every two days, depending on the wear.

(One course means 50 ml – half a deci – of product per bee colony)

Packaging: 1000 ml


Based on natural extracts of walnut, thyme, marjoram and oregano essential oils

It stimulates the development of colonies

Stabilizes intestinal pH in a healthy range (6.3-6.6)

Effective in reducing the number of Varroa mites and preventing chalk infection (caused by Ascosphaera apis)

It provides a wide range of protection such as bactericide, fungicide, antioxidant and Varroa repellent.


It’s completely natural

Antibiotic free

Certified organic

Zero withdrawal time

Immune stimulant

Stimulates eggs

Encourages cleaning

Improves collection activity

Easy to apply, recommended twice a year

It contains essential oils that interfere with mites


Make a 10% solution of CHALKFREE in sugar syrup (50% sucrose and 50% water) or candy. Put a syrup in a dispenser or place the candy on top of the frames. Use 3-5 liters of syrup or 3-5 kg of candy.

The first treatment is given in the spring after the first cleansing flights. The optimal period for the second application is the summer period, when CHALKFREE can be used as summer feed. The homogeneity of the mixture and the syrup is very important.

Can be used at ambient temperatures below 40 ° C!

We are looking for exclusive distributors per country.

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