Crop protection

A completely new, Bio foliar fertilizer product line is available from ALPHA-VET! In addition to agrotechnical processes and the breeding of disease-resistant varieties, the environmentally friendly protection of our cultivated crops can be achieved efficiently and cost-effectively by using a higher proportion of products that do not qualify as plant protection products in the classical sense, but they stimulate the crop’s own defense system. The products of Alpha-Vet offer reliable natural, environmentally friendly assistance, even in extreme weather conditions.


SNAPShot DSR scanner The instrument allows the results of SNAP tests to be read and recorded. 1) Touch screen interface 2) Easy data entry and navigation 3) Its leading-edge imaging technology provides quick, accurate test results 4) Just insert the “snapped” device and read the test results 5) Free software for PC connection via USB … Olvass tovább

Staying active through the years

Common experience is that senior dogs are-worn out during the winter months. They already move with more difficulty, and often suffer from musculoskeletal, rheumatic and arthritic lesions, which are aggravated in the winter. Walking in the cold weather causes the acral parts to chill down which leads to weaker blood supply – a pathogenic factor in itself in the development of joint diseases.

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