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Auditory canal inflammation

Otitis externa: why is it so common among dogs?

Inflammation of the external auditory canal in dogs is one of the 10 most common diagnoses in pet clinics. According to data from the American Banfield pet hospital chain, 12.9% of the 2.5 million dogs they treated in 2015 were diagnosed with the disease. Otitis externa is more common in floppy-eared breeds, with 25% of golden retrievers and 20% of labradors paying a visit to the vet with these symptoms. The causes include allergies, bacterial and fungal infections, foreign bodies (e.g. awns), water entering the ear canal during bathing, and scabies. The affected area can develop a secondary infection, causing distress to the dog.

Our own studies showed that in the majority of otitis externa cases (55%) the presence of a mixed infection, Malassezia and some other bacteria, usually Staphylococcus or Pseudomonas, can be confirmed.

Marbogen Complex ear drops solution have been developed by Alpha-Vet to treat the inflammation of the external auditory canal in dogs. The active ingredients are marbofloxacin, gentamicin, ketoconazole and prednisolone, contained in aqueous solution.

Using a combination of antibiotics to broaden the antibacterial spectrum of a product usually contradicts the principles of modern antibiotic use, but with Marbogen Complex, it is a different case. Marbogen Complex contains two types of antibiotics because of the synergistic effect between marbofloxacin and gentamicin. This has been demonstrated to be effective against several pathogens, P. aeruginosa, several Staphylococcus species, and Streptococcus canis. As a result, clinical effectiveness is improved and the chances of these various pathogens developing resistance are reduced.

Marbogen Complex ear drops solution: outstanding effectiveness in otitis externa in dogs!


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