Apple cultivation

GREENSHIELD is a special foliar fertilizer, whose complex form contains macro- and microelements as nutrients essential for the balanced health condition, fruit growth, quality and storability of apple crops.

• Increases crop resistance to disease
• Increases yields, improves quality
• Improves crop regeneration from physical injuries (pruning, storms, hail, shaking)
• Reduces the use of synthetic chemicals

GREENSHIELD can be applied simultaneously with insecticides and fungicides. A mixing test is recommended before co-application! Do not mix with bacteria containing products!
Spraying should be carried out in the evening hours, below 25 °C.
Precipitation within 2-3 hours of application may reduce absorption.
Not recommended for aerial application, due to low volume.

Technology recommendation:
Phenological phase / Dosage (l/ha)
Intensive foliage growth, for all systemic treatment: 1 (with minimum 400 l water)
Full foliage: 2 (with minimum 600 l water)

The observed orchard was planted in the spring of 2006. We used integrated pest management (IPM), adjusting irrigation and nutritional supplementation to site-specific conditions, deciding on dosage and application periods according to past production experience. Grass ground cover between the rows was established in 2010.

Management system:
Foliage form: slender pyramid
Tree height: 4 m
Varieties: Golden Reinders, Jonagored
Rootstock: MM.106
Row- and trunk distance: 5 x 2.5 m

There was no infestation.
The treated trees were observably darker in coloring, which is an indicator of high vitality.

The effects of GREENSHIELD on fruit development:
Despite the huge drought, the Golden Reinders variety reached the 75+ size category during the II. treatment, which is the highest-value market category.
The Jonagored varieties averaged in the 85+ category after the II. treatment.
Measurements show that on an average, Jonagored varieties grew after the I. treatment 3.36 mm, and after the II. treatment 6.37 mm bigger than the control crops. If the apple crop is considered a sphere, we can calculate the additional yield mass per hectare this radius growth results in.


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