An environmentally friendly and economical solution in apple cultivation

Organit® Calcium

Prior to harvesting and during storage, the quality of apple fruits are affected by several different factors, of which the calcium accumulation in the fruit is the most important.

Calcium uptake from the soil is limited, especially on low-quality soils (sour, low-nutrient sandy soils), in which significantly fewer root hairs develop, while spring calcium-uptake through the root system defines the calcium content of the emerging fruits. Later on, however, this calcium content can be greatly complemented by supplementation through the foliage, especially in the case of calcium-sensitive varieties (Jonathan and other mixed varieties), during seasons of restricted calcium uptake from the soil (drought, low soil temperatures), and when the calcium distribution within the generative parts of the apple tree are insufficient (for example when frost occurs during fruit setting).
The calcium-need of apple trees is really high – for satisfactory development and fruit-bearing (with an average yield of ca. 15 t/ha) almost 190-220 kg of calcium per hectare is required. The highest need for calcium arises in the spring, during the 4-6 weeks of flowering: during this time apple trees take up nearly half of the calcium-demand of the vegetation phase. At the same time, the amount of calcium available in the soil, as well as availability for the soot system is limited. Hence, increasing calcium uptake is essential.

Organit Calcium provides high quantities of fast-absorbing calcium for the plants. If applied during the growing season, the calcium reserves accumulated in the apples successfully prevents the occurrence of diseases and deformities in storage associated with calcium-content.

As needed, the treatments may be repeated accordingly to the extent of nutrient deficiency 2-6 times during the growing season.

Mixing with mineral oils, alkaline and sulphate-containing products is prohibited.

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