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AlphaVet supporting agriculture in Kosovo

AlphaVet’s agricultural products will help improve farming in the young country.

Its fertile soil, along with favourable agro-climatic conditions enable the cultivation of crops in Kosovo. Despite significant improvement in the last years, the Balkan-country is still struggling with modest productivity in an overwhelming majority of small farms.  Agroelita, the leading seed factory in Kosovo, in cooperation with the Hungarian Marton Genetics have successfully addressed these challenges by offering excellent seed, combined with practical consultation to the local farmers.

AlphaVet that produces organic, environment-friendly, and weather-resistant plant conditioners, has recently become part of the Kosovar agricultural value chain. During a meeting held at the company’s headquarters, several technical-scientific questions were debated. The expected outcome of the collaboration will be even better quality of seeds, thus above average yields, and subsequently higher returns for the farms.

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Agroelita’s Executive Director, Ilaz Selimi checking the stocks in the warehouse.

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