Alphalben Suspension – and the parasite starves while eating

In the last decades, countless forms of active ingredients have been developed that target the parasites’ nervous system, render it unfunctional, and ultimately cause paralysis.

The downfall to this, is that most of these agents only target one type of parasite – such as flatworms or nematodes. During evolution, the flatworm’s nervous system got developed much sooner than the nematodes, which caused them to function differently. For example, nematodes do not have a glutamate-dependent chloride ion channel that is inhibited by macrocyclic lactones (avermectin derivatives).

Discovering albendazole was a very lucky move, because it binds to the microtubules of parasite cells and inhibits their reconstruction. This microtubule system can be found in all parasites, as well as plants and fungi. These microtubules are essential for vital functions such as cell division, nutrient absorption, and secretory processes.

This binding process occurs primarily in the intestinal cells that undergo absorption; this results in a lack of microtubules in the intestinal cells of microtubules. Therefore, these cells cannot absorb nutrients, their glycogen levels decrease, and the parasite starves to death. Structural differences between mammalian and parasitic tubulin have been shown. This results in albendazole being toxic to worms, but not to the host (if the host is older than early fetal age). Albendazole also blocks parasites’ fumarate- reductase system and impairs energy production. The outer membrane of the parasite’s is also damaged, which reduces their resistance to digestive enzymes.

Due to the above, albendazole is effective against infections caused by gastrointestinal tapeworms, lungworms, nematodes and tapeworms. As opposed to most anthelmintics, albendazole can also be used in cows producing milk for human consumption if you wait 5 days after administering. Based on literature data, albendazole has an ovicidal effect against tapeworm eggs, and kills adult rumen fleas in addition to liver fleas.

Alphalben 100 mg / ml oral suspension is a proprietary product used for the anthelmintic treatment of cattle and sheep by AlphaVet. It will be available soon to perform spring anthelmintic treatment!

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By: Dr Peter Tilly

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