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AlphaDerm Plus – Revisions

1. Ketoconazole: A warrant for the antifungal effect is that it’s efficiency against Malassezia pachydermatous isolates stands out from other microstates.

In the samples in Hungary, the rate was ≤ 0.016 μg/ml in 98 percent of the strains, and no resistant strains were found against ketoconazole (9, 10) (Table 3)

Skin and hair problems: the most frequent symptoms in veterinary clinics

In case of skin infections, local treatments are often more suitable because this way such a small amount of agent will be absorbed into the circulatory system that the side-effects of steroids and imidazole derivatives, which limit the long-term systemic use of these substances, are negligible. For systemic treatments, only those antibiotics can be applied for skin infections, that reach the concentration in the skin necessary for efficiency, which limits the range of agents

2.  Dog owners often face disorders on their pets’ skin or hair. According to surveys conducted in different countries, these are the most common symptoms among animals taken to the vet clinic (1). Dermatitis can be caused by a number of factors – fleas, allergy, anal sac inflammation etc. As a result, your pet scratches and licks the infected area, thus aggravating the bad condition and facilitating secondary infections.

A lot of different kinds of organisms, such as bacteria and fungi, live on your pet’s skin. They are located in the oral cavity and in the environment. They normally do not cause diseases, but can spread on the inflamed area and lead to infection. Such infections do not usually recover spontaneously but require medical treatment.

The third active substance, prednisolone, has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, itching and pain decreases rapidly after the treatment. This effect is supplanted by DMSO vehicle in the product, which has anti-inflammatory effects itself

3. AlphaDerm Plus spray is the only aerosol product on the market which provide a combined treatment for infected skin inflammations.

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