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Alpha-Vet won the first prize!

With its bio foliar fertilizer-line, Alpha-Vet won first prize at the Hungarian Crop Cultivation Product Awards. The Organit boron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and iron supplements are absorbed through the foliage and assist adaptive cultivation technology by stimulating the plants' own defense systems.

Crop cultivation requires natural ingredients able to replenish micro- and macroelements. These five bio chelates can offer economical solutions from several crop cultures from vineyards, fruit orchards, to cereals and other varieties. Research started in 2013-14, and the Hungarian product line was launched in 2016-17, first on the domestic, and shortly after the international market.

Healthy eating is a current, frequently discussed topic, alongside with real or made-up toxic pollution in the consumed food. This is understandable, as in chasing profits, producers often turn to extreme amounts of artificial chemical products (fertilizers, pesticides) to achieve the desired yield, which may lead to different diseases when entering the food web. The question arises: could it be different? Although the answer may seem easy, it isn’t so straightforward.

Making the switch to organic farming is costly and logistically near impossible in the short term, thus seeing profitable production can take years. This way, the “chemical factory”, the operations producing with intense chemical input are seemingly at an advantage. Adhering to the tightening market regulations is possible only by scientifically sound, strict, and disciplined production technology and control. The quality and cleanliness of the plants must always be monitored, which requires considerable labor from the operating agencies, most of which are government-funded organizations. At the same time, random inspections (e.g. “the toxic material content is between 2-3%”) are not sufficient to maintain a safe food chain. According to experimental results, however, Alpha-Vet’s new Organit product line (EC fertilizers) can be successfully used to maintain the balance of physiological processes throughout the entire life cycle of plants, starting at sowing.

The new chelates help to strengthen the plants’ natural defense mechanisms and offer a solution to microelement supplementation. All products belonging to the plant nutrition branch of Alpha-Vet are designed to enable sustainable, environmentally friendly, and yet effective crop cultivation. Choosing from the many foliar fertilizers available on the market is not an easy task, and multiple aspects should be considered before decisionmaking. Besides composition, element contents (g/l, mg/l), mixability, utilization, cost, etc., we should also consider that conventional foliar fertilization primarily replenishes micro- and mesoelements, ideally in a readily available form, quality, and ratio, which are essential to the plant in a given phenological phase! Nutrient supplementation through the foliage can be 8-20% more effective than base fertilizers. Foliar fertilizers are perfectly suited to optimize physiological processes and ensure a balanced nutrition supply. Personalized technological recommendations are available to our customers. Our expert consultants assist producers in designing proper application technologies throughout the entire country, free of charge.

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