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The XXIII. Alföld Animal Breeding and Farmer's Days Product Award Competition received nearly 50 submissions. The award ceremony was held on Tuesday, 26th of April in Hódmezővásárhely. Winners of the 2016 Product Award Competition were announced in crop cultivation and livestock categories. Alpha-Vet Ltd. won the III. prize in the animal healthcare category, and Grand Prize in crop cultivation!

By today it became clear that the exhibition organized by the Hód-Mezőgazda Ltd. and the Association of the Hungarian Livestock Breeders between 19-22 May 2016 is one of the most significant agricultural musters in the country; especially since this year the events will spread over four days and are expected to draw attendance from 40-50 countries to the heart of the Alföld, Hódmezővásárhely.

An interesting new feature of the grand prize competition is the well-identifiable, permanent logo that has been designed specifically for the awarded products, which will become entitled to its use during distribution, as a symbol of Hungarian quality. The work of graphic artist Csaba Ráduly was found the best among 34 competing entries, and it portrays the stem of a plant and an animal horn, referencing the Hungarian origin of the product with the national tricolor, in a way that stands out in both light and dark backgrounds.

“Agriculture is an increasingly intensive science,” said József Sipos, regional representative and developer of Bayer Hungária Ltd., who presented the awards in the name of the absent Prof. Dr. Márta Birkás, head of the jury of the crop cultivation category. 14 entries were submitted in two categories within the crop cultivation competition (Input Materials & Cultivation Technology Recommendations, and Technique & Technology). The assessment criteria included innovation, technical details, applicability, cost-benefit ratio, and marketability for judging the products targeting water efficiency, soil improvement, and sufficient nutrient replenishment.

In category animal husbandry, this the jury judged in three sub-categories. As Dr. Zsombor Wagenhoffer, Chairman of the Jury said at the award ceremony, they have received an unprecedented number of submissions: 35 different products from 28 companies. There were 14 submissions in the field of animal nutrition, 12 in the field of animal husbandry technology and agricultural information technology, and 9 submissions in the topic of animal health and reproductive biology. Hungarian ownership, domestic development and production, maintenance, the time of the product launch, topicality, innovation, scientifically substantiated benefits, the number of user references, market share, and the quality of the submission materials were the main considerations during the evaluation.




The environmentally friendly, efficient, and economic protection of our crops can be achieved, in addition to agrotechnical processes and the breeding of disease-resistant varieties, by using non-conventional crop protection products that stimulate the plant’s own defense system in a higher proportion.
The products of Alpha-Vet and its Alphaplant branch offer reliable natural, environmentally friendly, and extreme weather-proof assistance. Our distributed products are made of natural ingredients, some of which are also BIO certified.


Water Retainer (VízŐr®) is an organic soil conditioner developed by chemical, microbiological, and animal husbandry experts. By retaining moisture in the soil, the product reduces irrigation water consumption and drought-induced dehydration. Water Retainer helps to maintain a stable level of moisture in the soil. It can promote the utilization of the added nutrients and create healthier conditions for the microbiological life of the soil.

Adaptation to environmental changes is essential for the production of adequate and healthy food. Recognizing this drove us to begin researching and develop our Water Retainer (VízŐr®) soil conditioner and water retention product. By using Water Retainer we can reduce irrigation costs by up to 50% for arable crops, vegetables, grapes and fruits, and even mushrooms. When used in non-irrigated cultivations, the crops will tolerate drought significantly better and for longer, even by 1-2 times, thus a better quality and higher yield can be expected.

Water Retainer also has secondary benefits on soil life. Studies have shown that improving the water balance of the soil leads to better utilization of fertilizers and more intense activity of soil-dwelling microorganisms. All these reduce the costs and weather-related risks of production.


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